Keys to Success in Japanese Culture

  We provide Japanese business and culture training 
to help you find the keys to unlock your business potential

Welcome! TOBIRA NIPPON online is your door to successful business with Japan. We provide culture and diversity training to help you find the keys to success through diversity and an understanding of Japanese culture. Our programs go beyond superficial cultural differences to enable you to be effective in a multicultural business environment.

A unique feature of TOBIRA NIPPON is its instructors. Our team is multicultural and multilingual, and we have business experiences both in Japan and overseas as well as expertise in cultural diversity. That is why we can communicate in a way that is easy to understand for customers of any cultural background in a variety of languages. 


Tell us about your business challenges and see how our training courses can empower your team to unlock your business potential. 


Akie Mimori and Erika Rossi, Co-founders of TOBIRA NIPPON 

Key features of the TOBIRA NIPPON training programs

High-quality content from experienced instructors tailored to your business needs

Multicultural and multilingual instructors

All our instructors have expertise in cultural diversity, are familiar with Japanese culture, and have extensive business experience with Japanese companies. Our courses are available in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Japanese.

18 years of expertise at your fingertips

By providing quality cross- cultural training options we are handing the keys to success directly to our participants. Our track record speaks for itself: 1,400 classes to more than 40,000 participants and a 100% client repeat rate maintained over 18 years.

A range of learning options to suit your needs

We offer a wide range of options to suit your business ranging from packaged programs designed to suit a wide variety needs to highly customized courses reflecting your company’s unique business requirements.

Our Instructors

Multilingual instructors with international business experience both in Japan and overseas.

Akie Mimori

Country of Origin: Japan

Language: Japanese, English

Erika Rossi

Country of Origin: Italy

Language:  English, Japanese, Italian,  Spanish, French

Abedin Mohammed Shamsul

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Language: English,  Japanese, Bengali

Gustavo Meireles

Country of Origin: Brazil

Language: English, Japanese, Portuguese

Kate Bevis

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Language:  English,  Japanese

Nermeen Mansour
Country of Origin: Egypt

Language: English,  Japanese, Arabic


          High-quality online training at an affordable rate

Virtual Live Interactive Course

Learn with a combination of formats, programs and schedules customized to meet your needs.

1. Format

Choose between one-on-one individual coaching or group training programs

2. Program

Choose from our range of packaged programs (fixed content) and our customised programs tailored specifically to reflect your business needs

On-Demand (e-learning) Courses

Learn at your own pace with our on-demand and blended courses

1. Format

Choose between our on-demand courses where participants can work at their own pace or a blended course featuring a mixture of on-demand and live sessions with our expert instructors

2. Program

Choose from our range of on-demand courses and, with blended options, instructor led sessions customised to reflect to your unique business needs.



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