Please note that the English translation of the Privacy Policy is provided for your convenience only and that our Privacy Policy will legally operate as stated in the Japanese original.


GREEN Co., Ltd.’s (hereinafter referred to as “The Company") compliance in the provision of training services (protection of personal data and maintenance of confidential information).


1. Protection of personal data

1)The Company shall not disclose or leak to third parties any of the following personal information as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) and the necessary control measures to prevent such shall be taken.

    (1) Personal Data as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”) entrusted to be handled by a company applying for training services provided by The Company (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant Company”) or by employees and other users when providing training services.

2)The Company shall only use Personal Information for the following purposes and shall obtain prior consent from the Applicant Company if it is necessary to use, reproduce or alter the Personal Information beyond the scope of the purposes listed below:

(1) Provision of training services

(2) Modification and improvement of training services and other services of The Company

(3) Contact regarding training services of The Company.

2. Retention of Confidential Information

1) Confidential Information refers to production methods, sales methods and other technical or business information useful for business activities that is controlled as confidential and not openly known. It also refers to information about the Applicant Company that the Applicant Company designates as confidential. However, it excludes information that falls under any one of the following items.

(1) Information already held by The Company prior to being provided by the Applicant Company.

(2) Information that was already public knowledge before it was provided by the Applicant Company.

(3) Information obtained without any obligation of confidentiality from the legitimate rights holder.

(4) Information developed independently and not based on information provided by the Applicant Company.

(5) Information that has become public knowledge without breaching confidentiality obligations.

(6) Information with the written consent of the Applicant Company.

(7) Information required to be disclosed by authorities with competent jurisdiction or by relevant laws

2) The Company shall manage the confidential information provided by the Applicant Company or the employee or other user with the due care of a prudent manager.

3) The Company shall not disclose or leak Confidential Information to any third party, not only during the validity of the contract arising under this Policy, but also after its termination.

4) The Company’s use of Confidential Information disclosed to it for the purpose of carrying out training services shall be limited only to the purpose of carrying out such training services and The Company shall not use it for any other purpose.


Established in January 2022 by GREEN Co., ltd.






① 当会社は、個人情報の保護に関する法律に定める個人情報のうち、次の各号に定める情報(以下、「個人情報」といいます。)を第三者に開示または漏洩してはならず、必要な管理措置を講ずるものとします。 


② 当会社は、個人情報について、以下の目的の範囲でのみ使用し、以下の各号の目的の範囲を超える使用、複製または改変が必要なときは、事前にお申込み企業様から承諾を得るものとします。 






① 機密情報とは、機密として管理されている生産方法、販売方法その他の事業活動に有用な技術上または営業上の情報であって、公然と知られていないものをいいます。また、お申込み企業様が機密と指定したお申込み企業様の情報をいいます。 









② 当会社は、お申込み企業様または社員等利用者から提供された機密情報を、善良なる管理者の注意をもって管理するものとします。 

③ 当会社は、本規約により生じた契約の有効期間中だけでなく終了後においても、本機密情報を第三者に開示または漏えいしてはならないものとします。 

④ 当会社は、研修サービスを遂行するために開示された機密情報について、その遂行の目的のみに利用するものとし、それ以外の目的に利用してはならないものとします。 

                                                                        株式会社GREEN 2022年1月制定